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Hot Pizza

Pizza Pickup Services in Arlington, TX

If you love pizza, chicken wings, salads, burgers, pasta, calzone, or subs, then you’ll love Pizza Joe Express. We provide both pizza pickup and delivery services for our customers in Arlington, TX.

Save With Pizza Pickup Services

When you want delicious pizza quickly and affordably, choose pizza pickup. We offer exclusive in-store pricing for all customers who come in, and you can save by not paying any delivery fees. You also are able to schedule your pickup for a time that is convenient for you. That way, you won’t have to wait to eat.

Interested in what in-store promotions we have? Check out what deals we have going on right now!

Enjoy Delicious Food

Almost nothing’s better than a hot slice of pizza, delicious stack of wings, or tasty bottle of soda. If you’re in the mood for yummy, filling, and appetizing food, we have it all. You can enjoy:

  • Pizza: We offer different sizes and toppings so you can have the exact pizza you’re craving. We also have sides such as cheesy bread, mozzarella sticks, and seasoned fries.

  • Wings: Whether you love BBQ or buffalo, we have delicious wings that you can enjoy with relish.

  • Salads: Our garden salads have a wide range of add-ons and dressings to choose from.

  • Burgers: Enjoy a simple hamburger, or you can add things such as cheese, bacon, and various condiments or vegetables.

  • Pasta: We have everything from spaghetti to alfredo dishes with many add-ons to choose from.

  • Calzones: You choose three toppings and the size of your choice.

  • Desserts: Eat delicious cheesecake, available in three different flavors.

  • Drinks: We offer liter soda and water, as well as canned soda.

Simply order online with Doordash or Ubereats and arrange for pizza pickup. If you have any questions, please call us at 817-633-4243.

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